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Fully Automatic UK Edition Splatter Ball Gun with 40,000 Gel Ball Ammunition and Goggle Set

Fully Automatic UK Edition Splatter Ball Gun with 40,000 Gel Ball Ammunition and Goggle Set

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Gel Blaster

Safety Gel Ball Gun:The gel gun is a shooting toy that launches the fragile gel balls as bullets, but It is a safe splat r ball gun that will not cause harm to people or objects. So this gel water gun perfect for age 12+ boys and girls.

Unlimited Gel Balls: The splatter ball gel gun are generally 20,000-35,000 rounds of gel bullets, but the VATOS splat r ball gun has 40,000 rounds of bullets, which can bring you double the happiness

Amazing Outdoor Family Games: The splat gun firing range is about 50-60 feet, great for duel games on grass, parks, and yards. The battery life can last for hours of work, allowing you to enjoy the joy of being away from electronic products, inviting your relatives and friends to have a fierce duel together!

Best Gifts for Kids: If you don't know what to give your kids for birthdays, Christmas or other holidays, you can try gel ball gun, a new fun shooting toy that kids will love for their new toy gun cheers.

1. This splat ball gun is suitable for 14+ years old teens and up, please don't shooting other's face or eyes, better wear the goggles before playing the gel ball gun;
2. Soak in enough water for 3-5 hours in a container to sure the gel ball expands to 7-8mm. It have small balls, not suitable for children under 3 years old

splatter ball gun


1. Only suitable for use for children 12+.

2. Do must not directly shoot at pepole's heads, face or eys.

3. If the splatter ball gun is jammed, turn it upside-down, shake it back and forth until it is working normally.

4.if don't know how to assemble the gel ball gun, please watch our assembly steps or send message to us in directly.

5.Please sure the gel ball gun is normal, if it is defective, please contact with us immediately, we will help you solve it.

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