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FN P90 Submachine Gel Blaster

FN P90 Submachine Gel Blaster

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Believe that military fans can tell right away that this gel blaster is inspired by the FN P90 Submachine gun, as it has been meticulously restored and features an outstanding progressive shape. As we all know, the outstanding and avant-garde shape of the P90 model is based on biomechanics and ergonomics, as well as a Simulated pull bolt, which can maintain a comfortable and realistic shooting experience. This P90 gel blaster weighs 1.5kg, the entire body of the gun is made of all nylon, and the gear and gearbox are all upgraded to nylon with a very good texture.

The hardware upgrade gives the P90 gel blaster a solid foundation for shooting performance. The gel blaster's long-lasting performance is ensured by the large capacity battery and battery compartment. While increasing the capacity of the magazine, it uses a motor and spring pressure drive to allow the feed system to be very smooth, the built-in barrel is upgraded to an aluminum tube, which reduces the friction between the orbeez ball and the inner wall of the barrel, providing a good and smooth shooting experience; additionally, the quick release of the magazine and the gun body makes loading very easy, convenient, and fast.

This FN P90 also feedbacks excellent performance data. Despite the fact that it is a light gel blaster, the muzzle velocity can reach 250 fps, the direct shooting distance can reach 60 feet, and the projectile distance can reach 115 feet, which is impressive. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind but high-performance gel blaster, the FN P90 is unquestionably an excellent choice.


  • 1.5 kg
  • Initial speed: 250 fps
  • Direct shooting distance: 60 feet
  • Projectile shooting distance: 115 feet

What's in the box:

  • FN P90 gel blaster x1
  • Easy-to-detach magazine x1
  • Scope x 1
  • Pack of gel ball x1
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