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JM-X2 Gel Blaster Drum Mag

JM-X2 Gel Blaster Drum Mag

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  • Electric & Automatic: The jm-x2 gel blaster is equipped with upgraded the gearbox , which are more durable and has a great rate of fire. 8 rounds per second fully auto fire rate. 65 feet long range. Rechargeable battery sends gels 140 fps downrange.
  • A ton of fun: No one will say no to this exciting shooter game, Battles with our splatter ball blaster are some of the best ways to have fun shooting. it is perfect for individual or family/friends play at backyard.
  • Safety Blaster: The gel blaster use with water based water beads that disintegrate on impact, no mess, no clean up. They are also much safer and less painful than paintball battles. Attention: Wear glass when battle!
  • Easy to Use: The splatter ball gun already comes assembled, and the battery is charged, soak the water beads about 4 hours to reach the diameter of 7-8mm, and install the hopper & battery, switch to the ¡°on¡±and get ready for hours of shooting fun.
  • Great Gift: If you are still worried about what gift to buy for your child, look here, this interesting gel ball blasters are a good choice! It is a perfect gift for birthday, summer holiday, Christmas, etc! JM-X2 gel gun is trending!!!

About battery

Virtual power is included with all rechargeable batteries, they must be charged prior to use. The initial charging time is 3 hours, and subsequent charging times are 2-3 hours. To ensure safety, do not charge for an extended period of time without monitoring.

If you feel the battery power is insufficient while using it, stop using it immediately and replace it with a fully charged battery to extend the battery life. If the battery is overcharged, it will be damaged and will not be able to be used continuously.

Pay close attention once more: the battery charging should be done in an open area with no flammable materials nearby or easy access for children.

Useful Tips

It should be noted that the water bead soaks for more than 3 hours. To diffuse the water bomb, soak it completely; when loading the magazine, try to keep the water as dry as possible. The magazine contains a motor, and prolonged soaking may cause the click to rust.

If the toy has not been used for a long time, the battery should be removed and fully charged; if it is a water bomb toy, the magazine should also be removed, and the water bomb should be poured out to avoid rusting of the magazine's contact piece and the magazine.

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